Please note: Many answers to common questions can be found on the User License Page

FAQ - Texture Download Questions:

Question: Why do I have to register to gain access to your textures?
By downloading textures from you must both read and agree to our End User License Agreement (EULA) also referred to as User License.

At the point of registration you are prompted to acknowledge you have read and agreed to our User License.

Your real name must be provided when registering with in accordance with the legal requirements of our Terms Of Services. (TOS)

You are free to create a "user name" for the purpose of your portfolio and for logging in to your account but we need all members real names and valid email addresses for our private records.
No one will have access to members personal information other than ourselves.

Creating an account with "user names"  may result in the cancellation of your account and as such, access to the website will be denied.

Your privacy is important to us and we can assure you your personal information will not be published or shared with third party companies.
(Please refer to the Privacy section in our  User License)

Question:  What kind of commercial use applies to your texture stock?

We have three types of usage, each applicable to the types and resolution size of texture stock available from this website.

1) Free textures from the Free Texture category.

These textures can be used for commercial projects with the exception of  re-distribution "as" textures regardless of whether you have modified them or not.
Please refer to the User License under section "Conditions Of Use - Free Texture Downloads" for more information.

2) The Large and Extra Large size textures are available for sale only and are not free.

Because of this, we do allow members to use purchased texture stock as derivatives within your own texture creation and/or distribution. 
It is important that you adhere to the Minimum Modification Process which can also be found within the User License.

You cannot, under any circumstances re distribute free or purchased textures in their original and unedited state.

This includes selling in exchange for game currency for games similar to, IMVU or other virtual worlds were the currency has a real economic value.

We are one of only a handful of texture resources on the internet that allow derivative use for commercial texture creation and distribution.

To avoid breaching our Copyright, we require that your artwork has an obvious amount of artistic skill, editing and post work applied before you redistribute it as texture files in any format or capacity.

Simply making our textures seamless or tileable is not acceptable.

We create our own seamless textures from our own stock and we consider it any attempts of this basic type of editing with a view to distribute as direct competition. As such, this is against our User License.
Our textures must not be easily extracted or clearly identified from your artwork.
 If in doubt please contact us and we can clarify in more detail.

3) Seamless Textures and Seamless Game Textures can not be used a derivatives within texture creation for the purpose of distribution as "texture files" either for free or commercial profit.

If in doubt, please send an example of your work via the Contact Page and we can advise you further.

Seamless Textures and Seamless Game Textures can be used for the development of 3D assets in free or commercial games and used within 3D software as part of scenes and models for personal or commercial use also.

Question: Can I use textures as derivatives in my own texture collections which I intend to sell/share?

Yes but only if you purchase stock from this site, the free downloads cannot be used for the creation and distribution of texture collections in any capacity.

Our User License was designed to protect our business and associated products by prohibiting any use that would be seen as direct competition. 

So as already explained above, making our unedited texture stock simply seamless and then selling or sharing it on the internet (or indeed in any capacity) would be seen as direct competition and as such would be against our User License.

Question: Can I upload your texture stock to my own or another website to share with other people?

No, not under any circumstances can anyone download a texture from then upload it to any type of platform to redistribute.

If you wish to sell or share texture stock we suggest you grow your own stock collection by taking your own photographs.

Question: What about use within and other virtual platforms?

If you purchase a texture from our site, yes you can use them in and all other virtual worlds (including for the creation of buildings and content.
If your intended use for your creations is commercial (selling what you create) you must purchase the textures and not use the free downloads.

Free texture downloads cannot be used for commercial content creation within any virtual world were there is, or potentially may be an economy or a real life value of the platforms associated currency.

We feel it's only fair if you intend to make content with the intention to gain commercial profit then it's only fair we should too! 

You CAN use the free textures for personal (non profit)  building and content creation within and other virtual worlds and platforms.

Question: Can I use your textures in the development of a commercial game? 

Yes, providing the textures you create are not packaged "as" textures along with your game. Please see the User License page for more details.


Question:  What about 3D model/props and scenes, can I use your textures and included them in commercial 3D products? 

Yes, but again please refer to the User License on our website.

To clarify, all purchased textures are licensed for commercial use including the creation of texture collections providing you follow 
the "Minimum Modification" process detailed in our User License.

In a nutshell, you cannot simply make a texture seamless/tile-able and then redistribute it as a texture file for free or financial gain.
This would be considered a breach of our copyright and against our Terms of Use.

The free texture downloads can be used in your 3D models and scenes regardless of whether the intended use is commercial or not and providing the images you create using our textures as 
 derivatives are not packaged "as" texture files for re-distribution.

Your end user must not have direct access to textures created from unless you have paid for commercial usage by purchasing one of the higher resolution sized textures.

Question: Do I have to give credit to your website if I use your textures in my work? 

You can include links to from other websites such as tutorial sites or game development forums for example.

We are still quite

 new and our marketing budget is not very large so any type of positive mention or linking back to the site is very much appreciated.

If you are a contributor with us, it would be advantageous to you to post links back to your portfolio by copy & pasting the URL address.

Please do take into consideration that

 many forums and blogs do not allow "spam" 

Always read the Terms and Conditions for each forum or website before you post links relating to 

 Can I use your textures for physical goods like scrapbook items, publishing for calendars, magazines, books, billboard adverts? 

Yes, again this is outlined in our User License. 

Question:  I tried to download a free texture but your website prompted me to register and the registration form asks for my PayPal email address.
Why should I give my PayPal details if the textures are free?

Registration is free and you are not required to provide your PayPal email address unless you are

1) Purchasing a high resolution texture. 

2) Intending to sell your own texture stock from by becoming one of our texture contributors. 

We need your PayPal email address in order to send your commission due for any sales of your textures and take payment for textures you may purchase from the website too.

Question: I work in teams, can I share your textures with my students or art team?

Sorry no, if you share the textures you download from our site with other people they will not be aware of our User License and may breach our copyright in ignorance.

Please encourage your team to register and create an account of their own.  This way, they will be aware of the User License at the point of registration and as such they will be fully responsible for the textures they download.

FAQ -  Selling Textures 

Question:  I am interested in selling my texture stock from your website how much am I paid, when and how will I get my commission?

You are paid 50% of any purchased texture via your Pay pal account once a month. 

Please do consider donating a free texture from time to time. It keeps members coming back and is also a good way to promote your portfolio on website.
If someone is impressed with one of your free textures they may go on to preview your portfolio and make a purchase of your commercial textures.

Please refer to the User License for information on how your textures may be used by people who purchase or download them from the iSourceTextures website before you decide to upload your textures. We cannot be responsible if someone uses your textures in a manner you do not agree with but that is outlined as acceptable use within our User License.

Question: Do I have to re-size my textures and upload the three different sizes of each texture?

No, you only need to upload one of each texture at the highest pixel resolution size and we take care of the resizing, watermarking and publishing.

Question: What file format does iSourceTextures accept when uploading?

Currently we accept JPG only. In the future we may include PNG.

Question:  Can I sell my texture stock on other stock sites or my own website? 

Yes, we do not insist on exclusive stock.

The IP rights to your textures are yours and yours alone including before and after purchase/download by a registered member of

Question: A texture I uploaded has not been approved, why?

All textures approved for display must meet the following criteria.

1) No smaller than 1500 pixels in length or height.

Must not be slanted or out of focus.

3) Be your own original stock and not owned by anyone else.

You will receive an email if your texture submission has been denied. This email offers tips and links to information on how to edit your photo stock to enable it to be suitable for publishing.

We want to approve as many textures as possible but we do insist on a certain degree of quality.

Its very rare that we do not have to edit even our own texture stock before we publish it, usually straightening a texture is required or perhaps adjusting the exposure for example.

We recommend you take photos in RAW format when possible, this allows much more flexibility for post editing within programs such as Photoshop which has its own RAW plug-in for correcting various imperfections.

Please research RAW file format on the internet for more information.

Here is a very good article/tutorial on how to take good texture photographs and edit them if and when required. 

Question:  Who decides the price for my textures, can I decide the price myself?

We set the price for all approved textures which tends to be the same price throughout the site.

The majority of textures for sale are priced:

Extra Large - $2.00
Large $1.00.
Question: Do you offer affiliate programs? I have my own blog/website and would be interested in placing a link to your site.  What compensation would I get?

As yet, we are not set up with an affiliate program although we do recognise the benefits of having one.

We plan to look into this in the future so please contact us from the contact 
page with details of your website and the URL address and we will be in touch just as soon as we have a system in place. 

Further Information. 

As we are still a relatively new website, we are learning new things and overcoming different issues all of the time.

If there is something you feel we should or could do better please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome all kinds of feedback and suggestions good or bad as long as it's constructive!

Please feel free to contact us from the contact page. Thank you.