About Us.

iSourceTextures.com is co founded by Martin Hawkes and Elizabeth Gallagher. Both are self employed freelance texture artists. 

During a conversation in 2009, we compared our experiences of stock sourcing on the internet and discovered we both faced similar problems and hit the same issues.

After spending hours searching for a specific texture on typical stock sites, the images we did find were very often taken from perspective angles making them impossible for many types of digital artwork were the final image required seamless capabilities.

Quite often we were faced with the "Extended License" fees required if you wish to distribute/sell your end product.

You can find out more about Extended Licensing here:


The required license for “Electronic Distribution" on most stock sites can cost in excess of $100 - $500 per texture.

It was fairly obvious most stock sites aim their stock at publication houses and advertising companies with corporate budgets and not self employed, freelance digital artists like ourselves.

In short, we found there were almost no texture resources on the internet that allowed a CG artist to share or sell his or her artwork created using texture stock as a derivative source.

A good texture resource is vital to any digital artist who requires the ability to sell or share his end product with others and the types of distribution can vary.

It was this frustration that pushed us into growing our own texture stock for iSourceTextures.


In April 2009 we decided to develop the iSourceTextures website you see today. The site went live in July 2009 and we are now able to offer our texture stock for sale to other artists who work in similar CG areas as we do.